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Best Event Setup 2018

This award recognises the contribution of physical design to the quality of an event or events as regards to sounds, lighting, stage and decoration.

Eligibility Criteria 2018

    1. The achievement that is the subject of the entry must relate to work performed at or in relation to the delivery of a specific event or events.

    2. All events referred to in the entry must have taken place between 1st Jan 2017 and 31st Dec 2017.

    3. The event must have been principally organized by people who are Ghanaian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Ghana.

    4. The entrant must be either:

      • The owner of the event or events to which the entry relates; OR

        • A product or service provider to the event or events to which the entry relates with the express permission of the event owner to nominate the achievement for a Ghanaian Event Award

Judging Criteria 2018

  1. Degree to which the design transforms the venue or space for the event or events (15%)

  2. Degree to which the achievement enhances the quality of the event or events (15%)

  3. Degree to which the achievement reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability (10%)

  4. Degree to which the achievement is innovative or new (10%)

  5. The degree to which claims made in the entry are supported with evidence such as reasons for the claim, statistics, independent commentary or stakeholder feedback. (10%)